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Problem with mods on Riley underground

who's talking here?

FantabulousSparkes 6
FreeLittleFootFanClub 2
heatheranne172 60
Misty 2
ashley 15
leah 3
Hope 11
BadLuckMommy 92
Kandice 30
a663325uu 2
Sindera 2
Im in LaLa Land 1
Tammy 2
Torri 1
daisypetals2000 3
TheManWhoNeverSleeps 1
meanoljen 1
a3429247uu 1
jlgg 1

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Hope --- 11 years ago -

It took me a total of 8 minutes to research them online and found out exactly what kind of people they are!

really that means you have found someone close to you who knows me to give you my personal info so i will make sure that person is held accountable in this as well.
that is if you are telling the truth and stalking me. everyone will be drawn into this who you wanted to keep secret because i dont take being stalked well. 

Torri --- 11 years ago -

Do YOU need helping stepping down from your horse?

I would just like to give you a quote I absolutely love. I said it to my sisters when they were being b!tches.

"Dismount from your high horse" it included a picture and was really funny! hahaha 

daisypetals2000 --- 11 years ago -

hey girls, it is daisy_petals... idk how to change my generic sn to that so just wanted to identify myself so the world knows. lol.

THIS is why I LOVE RUG. You guys give my evenings "spice". It wouldn't be the same without you all. :) 

Misty --- 11 years ago -

I can't believe this made it to 8 pages! 

daisypetals2000 --- 11 years ago -

yay! i fixed it. :) 

Tammy --- 11 years ago -


Hope --- 11 years ago -

I see some of the regulars have came over. did you enjoy the entertainment 

Tammy --- 11 years ago -

That was way to much to read..... Kinda like being in High School again. I know if someone called my work like a little 3 year old, I would be livid! 

daisypetals2000 --- 11 years ago -

I confess... I read all 8 pgs. lol. It reminded me of when I was getting a divorce "trying" to talk through it and work it out. LOL!

RUG is one dysfunctional family. :) 

Hope --- 11 years ago -

RUG is one dysfunctional family. :)

lol yes lots of craziness at times, with the cops thrown in for good measure to break up the scuffles. 

BadLuckMommy --- 11 years ago -

After having time away, and going to work, I just wanted to state that everything that was negative that came out on this forum was typed out of ANGER. I do regret posting some of the things, but at this point she took it to the next level by calling my work.

Seriously ladies I know everyone has their days, but I would never call one of your work places and LIE to try and get you fired. I am sorry but that was a low blow and just proves what kind of person she is. I am not saying I am innocent, I am sure I pissed her off and got under her skin ( it was my intention at the time). I never thought it would get blown out of wack. I am truley in awe that someone would do that.

And just for all of you who are wondering no, I didn't get in trouble. The owner read the whole post and was rather shocked himself. 

TheManWhoNeverSleeps --- 11 years ago -

Go to sleeeeep lol 

meanoljen --- 11 years ago -

she called you obese. as in you are FAT. Now dont stand there and tell me you are going to take that abuse... 

leah --- 11 years ago -

I guess her obese azz finally fell into the fudge machine. Her coworkers said they tried to fish her out, but had no crane. There in the process of finding one. 

BadLuckMommy --- 11 years ago -

Glad to let everyone know the revolt meter is now at 0% :) 

ashley --- 11 years ago -

Glad to let everyone know the revolt meter is now at 0%
Glad to see you like being a complete and total snob. No wonder your revolt meter was so high. 

Kandice --- 11 years ago -

No wonder your revolt meter was so high. 

Yeah a whole 7% wow.... 

ashley --- 11 years ago -

Yeah a whole 7% wow....
Another idiot I see? Read the entire thread...then check and see exactly HOW LONG we have been talking about the gayness and then comment. *-* 

Kandice --- 11 years ago -

Another idiot I see?

You are calling me the idiot?? hahaha thats hilarious. 

leah --- 11 years ago -

You are calling me the idiot?? hahaha thats hilarious.
Wasn't good enough? It just amazes me how you wanted to step on in and try (yep try) to make something look oh so powerful. You failed. You failed like many others who come on here after 8 pages of talking and read the last 3 statements and felt you greasy fingers start to clamor onto the keyboard. 

BadLuckMommy --- 11 years ago -

Really,I mean now you guys are all argueing over stupid redunadant stuff. Ashley as far as you calling me a snob, what the heck does that have to do with the revolt meter?

I hope you ladies can just agree to disagree and call it a day, because this conversation has no more meaning to it! 

FantabulousSparkes --- 11 years ago -

Bad luck mommy is a snob ....just from me being on here I have gotten 4 different people telling me what a douche of a mod you are! Also lemme ask you a question Badluckmommy, you being that you are a mod why the flip do you have people BLOCKED from messaging you? What if they have a problem? You are acting as a snob. Who the hell would would take the time out to come back here and post Glad to let everyone know the revolt meter is now at 0% :)
sounds a bit snooty to me. 

BadLuckMommy --- 11 years ago -

I don't have people blocked, so I don't know where you get that from. Also if my statements sound snooty to you, then ignore them. Of coarse that would mean you would actually have to act like an adult to do that, and I know how hard that is for you.

I was simply stating that I was proud that we have minimal drama, and no one revolting since a certain someone obliterated their account.

Has anyone told you that you are special? 

BadLuckMommy --- 11 years ago -

Also you aren't from my underground so why on earth would someone pm you about me? Man I must be popular :) 

a3429247uu --- 11 years ago -

Ok my comment was the very first comment. I started this thread. That was the ONLY comment that I made on here. My issues were fixed and after a while I was apologized to for being called a troll. It was partially my fault in the first place. I was messaging a mod that soon after deleted there account. There not bad mods. There just new at doing it. They now are so much better then they were and fix things without a problem. They got the hang of it and now know what there "people" want them to take care of. Heather was a crazy a$$ b1tch who took this crap way too far. What person without a mental problem calls someones work and tries to get them fired over a dang website?!? Only someone with a serious mental problem. It should have never been taken that far and BLM Im sorry it did get taken that far. That was crap and it was never intended to be something that turned into a war. 

jlgg --- 5 years ago -

This comment has been flagged as spam 

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