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Welcome to the HELP Underground. Come here if you have suggestions, need help, have a question, experiencing a problem. For private matters, message adam. HELP is where we collect all the feedback to make the Undergrounds happier, faster, and more enjoyable for everyone.

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I joined this crazy place on 2010-10-07, 8 years ago.

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I am not the person you think I think I am.

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Adam, you may want to work with your mods on KU - 8 years ago

Lilteapot needs to go! I say you post those PMs over here and let us decide.

REVOLT! - 8 years ago

When is the revolt button going to start working again on Kingwood Underground? If you press it now it just says "We just had a revolution. Revolt later."

Adam - Mod Removal Parameters - 8 years ago

LOL! Some of y'all are poking fingers at txdaddy and saying he lacks character but y'all don't seem to have too much of that yourselves.

Suggestion: Mod powers while in Icebox. - 8 years ago

If you are talking about KU there are at least 2 moderators that should not be in icebox.

Is it possible to make the flaggers public? - 8 years ago

How would this affect you if you obliterated?

Suggestion: New Underground - 8 years ago

Maybe adam could make it the Cry Baby Underground.

following a discussion, without having to save.. - 8 years ago

You can always go back through your history if you post a lot. If you post a lot, probably saving it to your favorites is the only way to keep up with it.

Obliterated by Admin accounts - 8 years ago

Why are you crying, Mrs. Wallace?

Obliterated by Admin accounts - 8 years ago

Y'all are just rude and it makes me sad. :/

Obliterated by Admin accounts - 8 years ago

Why does everyone have to be so mean to Mary? KU must be a horrible place.

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