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Hiding comments?

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Fortitude Fitness --- 11 years ago -

I hid a few comments on one of my posts and now my comments are hidden when I write something on someone else post. Also, I've tried to un-hide some of the comments that I hid on one of my posts, and every time I go back to the message it's hidden again. How do I fix this? Thanks! 

Melinda --- 11 years ago -

Did you get an answer because I am having the same problem??? 

Melinda --- 11 years ago -


Kara --- 11 years ago -

Looking into this... 

STNL --- 11 years ago -

I am having the same problem. 

adam (Wizard) --- 11 years ago -

It works like this:
When you hide comments for a use, all comments from that user are hidden from you, on all discussions (not just the topic you hide it on).

If unhiding a user still hides their comments, it might mean that your browser is remembering the old page. Try refreshing the page, and if that doesn't work, try clearing your temporary internet files. 

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