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Welcome to the HELP Underground. Come here if you have suggestions, need help, have a question, experiencing a problem. For private matters, message adam. HELP is where we collect all the feedback to make the Undergrounds happier, faster, and more enjoyable for everyone.

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I joined this crazy place on 2011-04-26, 11 years ago.

» save Kara as my FRIEND - HOSER


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How do I block posts from a specific user? - 9 years ago

Unique, please pm me details. Thank you!

How to email a post - 10 years ago

You can copy the link any email your friend it.

Help getting started... - 10 years ago

If you are having issues still, please message me. Kara

Delete post? - 10 years ago

You can pm a MOD or myself if you would like something deleted.

Delete a topic I started - 10 years ago

^Agree, you can also message me.

How do I block posts from a specific user? - 10 years ago

Yes, click on Hoser. If you continue to have problems, contact me.

I can't get on Pendleton Underground. Only help ): - 10 years ago

Send me a pm of your email, please.

Kara or the Wizard - 10 years ago

No. Thanks for asking.

activate account - 10 years ago

Pm me the name on the acct. and the email it's attached to.

How do I change my name back to the original? - 10 years ago

Pm what it is and what email it was attached to. Also, the Underground.

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