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So I'm deployed and my car got impounded so I'm kind mad

who's talking here?

Moses3207 1

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Moses3207 --- 5 years ago -

So earlier today my friend text me to call him asap he told me that the towing company was trying to tow my car and so he try to drive it away from there so that is fine and Dandy until he went on post and the surched the car and the MPs had found some weed stem in my car for whatever reason and now He need me to come pick it up the problem is that I no wear near the US. A POA would help but i want the chain to get involved again with the car by going to legal. I did my part but the fact of the matter is they not releasing my car and I don't want it to be acction off while I'm paying notes on it. So can I get some advice 

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