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KSA Turns Blind Eye to Age Discrimination, Safety Hazards, Road Rage, and By Laws Fraud

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a4091590uu --- 5 years ago -

KSA (Kingwood Service Association) has turned a blind eye to age discrimination, false bylaws amendments,safety violations, and violation of not for profit status for Trails End Stables in spite of numerous letters and pictures presented to them. Here is the cliff notes version of each infraction. Trails End Stables is run by a Board of Directors.

1) our current President, as well as last years secretary, have repeatedly verbally abused a 75 Year old couple because they didn't like them. Ex. For 2 years the husband has felt so uncomfortable,after he was told he couldn't fling the manure right because he was an "old man" and has not come to the barn for fear of continued verbal abuse. Their sweet horse is 30 years old, half blind, and crippled. Lies were spread by the past secretary that alienated the membership against this couple. She even went to the President of KSA to have them kicked out because she didn't want them there. I have copies of the ugly emails sent to them over the past 2 years of abuse. Millie was told a few weeks ago, very loudly by our President, "we don't want your kind here" they have had enough and fear being evicted by the Boards misuse of fake bylaws they are governing by. She feels forced to take the risk of moving her very old horse because it has gotten so horrible for her there. No one speaks to her and talks behind her back. It is unconscionable what has been done to this couple.

2). "Amended" By Laws allowing the Board to evict anyone for without cause were given to the membership in August. Our lease requires amendments to be voted on by the whole membership. These "amended" ByLlaws were snuck in our binders as "Here are the missing pages" at the general election on August 1st. They were used to evict a family that this cabal did not like. Lies were used to sway the other Board Members to vote there way. The last amended by laws that have any record of voting are from 2010. These By Laws require a vote of the whole membership to evict.

3). Our By Laws and lease states no unattended horses, no smoking, no loose dogs, and no lessons are allowed to be taught by members (this violates the not for profit status they are trying to get). I have pictures of board members loose horses(which charge around sometimes endangering visiting families with strollers and toddlers, and loose dogs. Beware of bringing your children to Trails End. You never know when horses will be bolting and charging around unattended. Our President's friend was seen entering the hay barn with lit cigarette(the barn currently does not have fire insurance and there are live animals), and lessons are being given by a member and have been for the past year. She pockets all the money for her own gain. According to Not For Profit status, all profit must be reinvested into the membership for maintenence and expenses.

This trainer was angry at a member and flew into the walking area in front of the stalls at an alarming speed, skidding to a stop. She came within a foot or two of 6 children and some of their parents. A police report was filed and the DA is currently investigating. She is still coming to the barn to teach lessons and train horses.

All of this information has been submitted to KSA, as well as, the list of members that are leaving because of: the unfair eviction (we are afraid we are next since they can now kick people out with no warning for no cause), unsafe environment (loose, charging horses) (we are in a public park with a lot of visiting toddlers that could get run over), and the verbal abuse and foul language by members of the board and one that just quit. They have chosen to ignore our plea for help. I have emails and pictures.

Please comment and respond to this feed. The more responses we get, the better the chance the Observer will pick up the story. The wronged families would really like the opportunity to expose these two organizations that rule by fear. 

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