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PleaseHelp356 --- 12 years ago -

ok, so I tried to create and use an account with my normal email address, and it sent the confirmation code, which I accidentally deleted. now I can't find where to send another confirmation code so I can finalize my account......can anyone help, or am I SOL on that email. 

FurMama --- 12 years ago -

Log onto pys using the email you just created. Goto my account. Then goto change info. There you can change your email for both pys and pu. 

PleaseHelp356 --- 12 years ago -

I tried that, and it came back saying email already in use 

FurMama --- 12 years ago -

Ok... try loging in (still on pys) with your old email and see if you can change it that way. By that I mean when it comes to the part of putting in a new e-mail just put the same one in you used to log in with. By doing that it should work. If it doesn't then pm me on pu or here and I will send you my phone # to try and help you more. 

soon2bcivdiv --- 12 years ago -

Ok, got it fixed, just with a retarded username... Lol. Thank you for your help 

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