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Quality Grooming @ Fair Price Boarding with Less Cage Time "Precious Paws"

who's talking here?

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Precious Paws --- 9 years ago -

Hello all you pet lovers * Dog’s & Cat’s * There is a new groomer in town;
... "Precious Paws" The Best Little Groomhouse in Texas…
We are a full service, All Breed - Grooming & Boarding facility. We do not charge extra for play time or petting. We Never leave our pets kenneled from close of day until opening the next day (All boarded pets are let out during the night) We have large kennels for each dog, and little dogs spend the night in standard kennels. We strive to keep all dogs out of the kennels as much as possible in play groups or individually. We allow our customers to pick-up & drop-off after hours and on weekends by appointment. We also offer Gift Certificates for your gift giving needs. Our Gift Certificates are good towards all services. Our facilities are clean We groom with gentle and loving hands.. For faster service please call for appointment 281. 728-1876 Grooming as low as $30.00 a dog & boarding as low as $12.00 a day a dog. We are located in Porter - 21267 W Wallis Dr, 77365 

leah --- 9 years ago -

Hello!!!!!! What flippin state are you in again? *rolls eyes* sure let me just pack my pups on up and head cross country for your oh so fantastic services (my fat asz). Thanks for the # for big bertha though, I get lonely prank calling will commence in 5...4...3....2......... 

Precious Paws --- 9 years ago -

Hello leah -, where this service is posted, is in TEXAS. Precious Paws "The Best Little Groomhouse in Texas" is located @ 21267 W Wallis Dr, Porter, TX 77365. I really don't understand the rest of your question??? Hope you find a groomer near you! 

FantabulousSparkes --- 9 years ago -

Bahahahahaaaa....I think anotherwords Leah is saying why the hell are you posting your ads on a dam* help page for ALL[b]undergrounds??[/b] 

jlgg --- 3 years ago -

This comment has been flagged as spam 

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